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Createch Machine and Design Capabilities Summary

Eccentric Adjustable Heads with Two (2) to Five (5) Spindle

CNC Heads
    Multiple Spindle Drill and Tap
    Right Angle
    Adjustable Angle

Universal Drill and Tap Heads - Standard Product Line
    Round and Rectangular
      1/4" to 1"
       Up to 32 Spindles
       Up to 2000 RPM

Universal Drill and Tap Heads - Specials
    For Applications not covered by Standard Line

Full Range of Cartridge and Arm Style Spindle Assemblies
Types: ASA, Morse Taper, Collet, Adjustable Depth and Quick Change
   Sizes: 1/16" to "V"-51/64" Drill and #0 to 7/8" Tap

Fixed Drill / Tap Heads for Standard, Heavy and Automotive Applications

Standard Tapping Machines with Increased Capabilities
   Stroke to 9"
   Horsepower to 15 HP

Standard Drilling Machines
   Stroke to 12"
   Horsepower to 25 HP

Universal Joints and Universal Joint Assemblies
   1/4" Hex to 3/4" Hex Standard for Rockford Drill Head, Ettco and Procunier
   Will Fit for Apex, Commander, and others

Tool Holders
   Adjustable Tap Holders - No Collets required
   Double Taper Collet Holder
   Threaded Collet Holder
   Floating and Pitch Compensating Tap Holders
   ER Collet Styles

Special Drill and Tap Machines such as:
   Dual Station Drill and Tap
   Three Station Rotary Drill, Tap and Inspect
   Horizontal Drill and Tap
   Application Specific

Other Manufacturing Capabilities
   Fixturing and Part Holding Design and Manufacture
   Fixed Head Rebuild / Remanufacture for all manufacturers
   Drill and Tap Machine Rebuild / Remanufacture for all manufactures
   • Gear Manufacture

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