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Case Study:

Fix Your Bottleneck - Reduce your Setup Times

Reduced Setup Times and increased throughput were the objectives of Rockford-Ettco’s conveyor manufacturing customer. Our customer was utilizing a “home-made” machine to drill holes in the ends of a variety of lengths of conveyor spindles.

While the home-made machine had served the needs of this growing customer for many years, it was not only getting old and tired, but lacked the ease of setup and capability to drill the full range of lengths that the company’s product line offered.

Rockford-Ettco’s design engineers took on the task of designing a machine that was capable of handling an infinite number of lengths from 12” to 48”, could be setup in 15 minutes or less and could be run unattended.

The machine pictured, manufactured by Rockford-Ettco’s skilled technicians met all of the needs of the customer for a quality precision product, short setup times, reduced labor and increased throughput. All of this was accomplished with a machine that boasts the best in modern drilling equipment and electronic controls and reliability.

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