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Machining Center Heads

Fixed Position multiple spindle heads with drilling, reaming and tapping capabilities

   The machining center head shown allows for light weight and sturdy construction, different gear ratios and
     most spindle configurations.

   Gear case and cover are fine grain aluminum castings, sturdy yet light weight. Gears are made from 4140
     steel and hardened.  Head is all ball bearing construction with a sealed housing to keep contaminants out.

   The gear ration consists of 1:1 for drills of same diameters and taps of like pitch. Multi-ration drill and tap
      heads can be designed for different diameter drill rpms and taps with different pitches. The spindle
      configuration depends upon the customer's needs including position, tooling and tool holders.

   All CNC machine tappers and retention knobs are supplied as required.

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