Self-Reversing Tapping Head "Attachments"

  1. Self-Reversing Tapping Head “Attachments”

Standard Self-Reversing Tapping Head Attachments – Style E & F

Styles 1E L& 2E now available with Pro-Quick™ Quick Change Style Spindles!

tapping head attachment style e&f
  • Balanced heat-treated gear reversing mechanism minimizes strain and wear
  • Reverses at twice forward speed to increase productivity and avoid tap jamming
  • No tap overtravel … excellent for blind or shallow holes
  • Bronze bushings at wear points supporting the spindle from Shank to chuck
  • Extremely sensitive friction clutch engines conical surfaces of drive and reverse shells with smooth, "cushioned" action, allowing sensitive operator feel. Assures automatic tap perfection
  • One-piece TRU-GRIP or Pro-Quick spindle assures true alignment

Style E Instruction Manual
Style F Instruction Manual

Net Weight
Max Speed
2 wrenches
3 lbs.
2 wrenches
6 lbs.
2 wrenches
12 lbs.
2 wrenches
18 lbs.

* Collets not Included with Tapping Heads

Tapping Heads can be used in Horizontal position with slight change in oiler location.
Factory can easily alter any Model for left-hand Tapping. To include left hand modification with new tapping attachment, include part #57550.
Note: Lead Screw Style Tappers must also use left hand lead screws.
Click here to view left hand conversion.

Morse Tapper and Straight Shank Style

Order No. Style Shank Capacity (cut thread)
Aluminum Mild Steel
Inch / MM Pipe Inch / MM
11001-11006** 1-E 1-2-3MT, 1/2"s.s. 1/4" (M6) #10 (M5)
12001-12006** 2-E 1-2-3MT, 1/2"s.s. 1/2" (M12) 1/8" 5/16" (M8)
13002-13006 3-E 2-3-4MT, 3/4"s.s. 3/4" (M18) 1/4" 1/2" (M12)
14002-14006 4-F 2-3-4-5MT, 3/4"s.s. 1-1/8" (M27) 3/4" 1" (M24)

** Add "QC" to end of Order No. for Quick Change Spindle

Tapping Head Dimensions
Series A B C Wt.
11000 / 1E 5-1/8 3-1/2 3/4 4 lbs
12000 / 2E 7-1/2 4-7/16 1 8 lbs
13000 / 3E 8-3/4 5-7/8 1-3/8 15 lbs
14000 / 4F 10-1/4 6-1/2 2 23 lbs
tapping head attachment style e&f dimensions
Cover Clamp Style Tapping Heads
tapping head cover
  • Mount directly to drill press quill for greater rigidity and accuracy
  • These Models recommended for production runs
  • Available for practically every drill press
  • Enclosed drive for safety
Order No.

** Add "QC" to end of Order No. for Quick Change Spindle. Specify make and Model of drill press. Adaption Sheet in pdf

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