1. Procunier

Procunier – Dependable American-Made Drilling and Tapping Products for Over 100 Years!

Procunier offers both Single and Multiple Spindle Self-Reversing Tapping Attachments second to none in quality and precision engineering, all backed by a one year warranty. We offer High Speed Manual Tappers, Lead Screw Units, Self-Contained Units, Multiple Spindle Lead Screw Tappers and Complete Lead Screw Tapping Machines.

You can also count on Procunier for the most dependable and highest quality Multiple Drilling products in the industry. Including 2, 3 and 4 Spindle Eccentric gear-driven models and universal joint type Multiple Drill Heads for both round and rectangular hole patterns with 2 to 17 spindles. Special drilling machines and special fixed center drill heads are also offered.

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Procunier Tapping Heads