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Our Flagship Brands

Rockford brand
Ettco brand
Speedycut brand
Procunier brand
Universal Automatic brand
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The All NEW AD-6000
Multi-purpose Precision Opposed Drilling Machine

Thru Corner Holes Shank Holes Head Holes

  • 6 -7 seconds per hole


  • Drill cross corner holes, through head holes, and through shank holes
  • Drill multiple radials or linear holes in the same cycle

Highly Accurate & Rigid

  • No drift spindle design
  • Spindle TIR = 0.0004”

Minimal Training Required

  • Robotic feed to reduce operator adjustment
  • Easily programmable movement paths
  • Quick change tooling
  • Save programs by part number

We Offer Turnkey Custom Solutions

In addition to offering a wide range of standard products that are ubiquitous in machine shops throughout North America, Createch’s team of experienced engineers can develop a custom solution for your product. We offer low volume manual load tapping machines customized specifically for our customer’s product as well as fully automated / lights out operational machines.

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